The Job

The Job

The JobThe JobThe Job

Develop, create, and produce marketable ideas.  Identify the best auspices or attachments to strengthen their sales potential


    The History...

    Growing up a latch-key kid in New York City, I became a lifelong lover of television. The fact I have a career in it proves it's possible to make dreams become reality. The trick: every time someone tells you something isn't possible, use that as fuel to prove them wrong.

    I've been a Senior-level development executive and Executive producer for over a quarter-century. In these roles, I've led the development and current programming departments at broadcast networks, executive produced series for cable and broadcast networks, and headed development and production for three production companies before branching off on my own.

    My experience has afforded me; stellar relationships with buyers, reps, and a ton of talented writers, directors, and creatives. It's also given me rock-solid development skills, with exceptional taste in material. I believe in leading by example and overseeing a staff through guidance and motivation - Intimidation tends to produce short results. 

    As a studio exec; I helped establish the television departments of Brillstein-Grey and Virgin Produced, and as a Broadcast Network executive, I worked at both NBC and UPN; In my role as an Executive producer, I led Vin DiBona Productions, Big Cattle Productions, Davis Entertainment, and Virgin Produced.

    During my career, I aided in the development and production of some of television's very successful shows, including NewsRadio, Just Shoot Me, The King of Queens, Blue Collar TV, Profiler, And Homicide: Life on the Street. 

    In my role as the Senior Vice President of Programming for UPN, I further mastered my understanding of running a network and became the primary conduit between the affiliates, marketing & promo, scheduling, and creative departments. 

    I've achieved the rank of President at several companies and ultimately formed my own company, Big Cattle Productions, with Partner Eric McCormack (Will & Grace). Big Cattle yielded the Jane Lynch series, LOVESPRING.

    Ultimately, I started my own company, called 4Mankind TV television. With many projects in various stages of development, some of the present notable projects are with Kelsey Grammer (Grammnet), Tom Fontana (The Fontana/Levinson Company), Piers Morgan, and Litton Entertainment.

    Past projects

    Some of the projects I've developed, Exec produced, or run point on:

    Just Shoot Me

    Brillstein-Grey TV/NBC


    Brillstein-Grey TV/NBC

    Naked Truth

    Brillstein-Grey TV/NBC

    Jeff Foxworthy Show

    Brillstein-Grey TV/NBC



    The King Of Queens


    The Single Guy


    Tony Danza Show


    Conrad Bloom


    Cold Feet


    Union Square



    Big Cattle Productions/Lifetime

    With a Bullet


    Big Cattle Productions/VH1

    Thorny Roses


    Big Cattle Productions/TBS

    Hunting Rabbets

    Big Cattle Productions/WWE Entertainment/USA Networks


    Big Cattle Productions/Sci-Fi Net/NBC-Uni TV

    Shooting Blanks

    Big Cattle Productions/ABC/Touchstone

    Imperfect Union

    Big Cattle Productions/TBS

    The Center

    Big Cattle Productions/Lifetime

    The Truth Behind the Rock

    Big Cattle Productions/NBC-Uni TV

    Morningside Heights

    Big Cattle Productions/NBC/NBC-Uni TV

    Evil Lives

    Big Cattle Productions/UPN

    Blue Collar TV

    VDBP/The WB

    Meet The Marks


    Dr. Doolittle

    Davis Ent./ABC Fam

    The Wright Way

    Davis Ent./FBC


    Davis Ent./Fox


    Davis Ent./Lifetime

    Miskatonic University

    Davis Ent./Sci-Fi


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